Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crackin' the whip.

So Brooklyn comes to us today with a little yellow shovel that she found who knows where and says that she is going outside (still in her pj's that are shorts) and her princess high heals to pick up dog poop. I say that is gross and it is too cold. She goes on to tell me that she is putting her blanket on her head to keep her warm. We told her no again and then didn't here from her for a while. I get up to see where she was and this is what we found.

Here is another picture of the full attire! What a goon! I don't know where we got her. Just lately she has been coming up with the wierdest things. Anyways this gave us a good laugh!! Notice our large dog behind her!


  1. Courtney, I say take advantage of her willingness to help out. When we were growing up, we called this the person with this unfortunate chore the "pooper scooper". You only became such if you got in trouble, or were unfortunate enough to draw it out of the hat. We could've used Brooklyn at our house. (Side note, I think I have almost an identical picture of Cooper in the same get up.)

  2. What a cutie. She reminds me of my little one. I bet our girls would have a blast together. We should plan a play date.

  3. I love her curly hair. Natural, I assume? She's adorable. What a cute story!