Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is what happens when DAD babysits!

This is just three of hundreds of pics I now have on my camera. Where was daddy? That is anybodies guess!

Baylee Jean is THREE!

 Big Bay's turned three and the 16th of November! Where has the time gone! We celebrated her birthday over at our clubhouse. When I asked Baylee what she wanted for her birthday dinner she told me mac and cheese! I didn't think that would work to serve grandmas and grandpas that would be showing up so I suggested spaghetti. She was good with that. After dinner everyone showed up for her party and boy did she haul in the toys! Many people love that little girl! She insisted on a Mermaid cake and all day that is all she could think about!  

 Baylee and new movie!
Baylee hauled that pillow pet all over Toys R Us!  

 What a cheeser MOM!
 All Baylee's PALS!!
I had to inclued this pic. We took it at the end of the party! HELLO MINI ME!!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth- almost!

Brooklyn is getting so big. About a month ago she came home from school and told us her tooth was loose. Andrew looked at me and asked if she was old enough to be loosing teeth, then told Brooklyn to quit wiggling those teeth! I assured him that if her teeth are ready to come out then she is old enough! About a week and a half later that baby was out! Daddy tied floss around it and between him and Drew they convinced Brooklyn that it wasn't going to hurt and it needed to come out.
She looks a little traumatized by the whole thing but she did great. Now she has showed us that THREE more teeth are loose. The girl is going to be our toothless wonder!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Halloween 2010

For Halloween our apartment complex had a party on the Friday before Halloween. They served dinner and then they had trunk or treat around the complex. We decided to go over and check it out. The next day our ward had their Halloween party and trunk or Treat. Before we headed there we had to stop by my work and show Karen the kids. Between the candy the got on Friday, the candy at the mall, Trunk or Treat at the church my kids were set! Jaxsen thought it was so neat that he could carry around a bucket and people put candy of all things in it!! 
 Princess Baylee
 Our big Fart! A whoopie cushion named Drew.
 Mom, a princess and a monkey!
 My little monkey loving the candy concept!
 And my Fairy princess!

Brooklyn's crazy hair day!

We finally got internet at our house so I can finally start updating my blog. The week of Halloween Brooklyn's school had red ribbon week. One day was crazy hair day. We took full advantage. Brooklyn was kind of worried that she would be the only one with crazy hair but as she got off the bus that day I found she wasn't the only one. Take a look!