Friday, January 23, 2009

Newest Update

Well last night I spent the night in the hospital. (I am writing all this not for sympathy but for future reference just a side note). Yesterday morning I woke up with contractions that if I would have been 37 week or later I would have had a baby by today. I tried all morning to wait it out hoping that they would just go away, but after two doses of meds, laying down and a bath I realized that there was not much else I could do but call the doc. They told me to go directly to the hospital. Well I spent the rest on the night fighting the contractions. The medicine they gave me I was told doesn't really take full affect until the 2nd or 3rd dose. My thoughts were then why the crap are they giving it to me, but at about 3 in the morning after 3 doses, they finally went away or at least enough to be bearable. I was so glad because the next step was an IV which meant I was going to be in the hospital longer. I was finally aloud to leave about 12 but was order to stay in IF (where I have my babies) for at least 24 hours to make sure I didn't have anymore problems. So here I sit at my sister in laws house. Thank goodness for them and there willingness to let us stay and thank goodness for my parents for watching my girls. Much service is going into getting this baby here. But I am thankful for everyone.
On another note Baylee is finally walking, when all of this started she would take a few steps but since then she is a full on walker. It is so cute, she kind of waddles with her belly out. I love seeing that blonde hair coming around the corner. She also is saying yes and nodding her head, saying no, saying ma and da. So cute. Brooklyn is busy destroying house and watching movies but has been such a helper for me and her grandma. She is always asking hows my belly and giving me loves. Love those girls!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Courtney's update-for those who care!

Well I have 3 weeks until they take me off the meds and heck breaks lose. No just kidding but my docs have informed me that they will have me on the meds until the 10th of February and then take me off. They have my c-section scheduled for the 20th of February but don't think I will make it that far. The meds haven't completly stopped the contractions but made them most days barable. That is if the one taking them completly complies with what her docs say. Which sometimes has not happened. I get so stinking bored that I think just a quick trip to Walmart while riding in the motorized wheelchair (which by the way my sister says I suck at) is ok and by morning I am so much pain I pass out. So like I said I am slowly learning my lesson.
Andrew has been such a trooper! Living at my parents house I thought was going to break him and we were going to have a few melt downs but really things have been ok actually better then ok. He hangs out with me when he gets home from work, helps my mom with dinner, helps with the kids and usually doesn't really leave my side until he goes to bed. I am so proud of him. We have both had some pretty good trials this past month and we have come to the discision that we were given these trials to help us grow closer together as a couple which I definatly see happening. Which makes me so happy!
Anyways that is my latest update. I would love to hear from anyone. Leave me a message or give me a call. Our home phone has been forwarded to my cell so if you have a sec give me a call!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bed Rest! Shoot me please!

I have so much to post about and tons of good pics but as of right now and until this baby comes out of me I am on bed rest! You read it right a good month of bed rest. Since the Sunday after Christmas I have contractions that have put me in the hospital for the night and since then have not died down! I am on medicine to try to get them to stop but so far no luck. But even if they do stop I am still on bed rest until 37 weeks which is about the 10th of February. So if anyone has any sort of ideas for me to occupy my time with that would be great. I am not into scraptbooking or anything real crafty and I can on be on the computer for about 20 minutes so if it doesn't include anything like that I would love to hear for you! Or give me a call!! Can you hear the desperation! Advice would be great too! Anyways when I can get to posting pics, many will be provided! thanks for reading my whine