Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boogers! keep reading

So I was getting Brooklyn ready on Monday so we could knock out a huge grocery list, as I was doing her hair she looked at me and said,
"So mom, since Heavenly Father made our bodies did he make our boogers too?"

How to resond to this???

My reply,"You bet he made our boogers too!"

I am just glad that she is learning about Heavenly Father in primary and not just driving her teachers insane.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clean Freak!

So this morning Andrew was getting ready for church. I could hear the shower running so I knew that was where Andrew was. But where was Jaxsen??
IN THE SHOWER, CLOTHES and ALL! Andrew says he kept opening up the shower curtain and finally decided to jump in! SILLY KID!

Christmas Post better late than never

This year for Christmas was eventful as usual! It was hard not being in our own home but my parents sure steped up and made things great for all! The kids were spoiled by grandma and grandpa on both sides! I so apprieciate those who helped make Christmas so nice for us!
Pics from Christmas Eve
Brooklyn and Heather as the shepherds
Jaxsen and Nattie as the wisemen
The crew
Jaxsen so excited for new jammies
Baylee the innkeeper loving new "Tink" jammies
Brooklyn's new jammies
Santa baby aka Zander man
Nattie and her possie!
My crew
Searching for gold! GROSS!
The crew in their new jammies
Christmas Morning
Jaxsen in his dump truck
Brooklyn loving Christmas
Daddy and Baylee opening their presents