Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lazy Days

Today has been one of those days! Kids in just diapers or undies and mom in her G's! We have made cookies, watched movies, and taken naps. Andrew had to go help at girls camp (lucky him) so us girls are holding down the fort. I will have to say that is one nice thing about living in the middle of nowhere. People don't just show up, ya kidda have to plan to come all the way out here!
Well our house is officially on the market. They put the sign up two days ago. So wierd. But all of the sudden I have this fear that a day like today when none of us have gotten dressed, the house isn't messy, but not clean, someone is going to call and if they can't get ahold of us come out. I have this fear of waking up with someone in my house and I am in my G's!! Scary!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Cute Pics!

I am so thrilled with these I had to show them off!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Check out my kid's new pics. Go to Captured by Adrianne on my friends list. We are the newest blog!!! SO CUTE!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy fathers day to my dad, Paul and most of all my wonderful Husband! I am so thankful to have three great men in my life.

For my hubby, I am thankful you are such a good dad to our kids! We can definatly tell when you are gone! Your kids miss you oh so much!! Brooklyn is such a daddy's girl that she just lights up when you are around, then attacks!! I am so thankful you are such a hard worker and are willing to help others in a time of need. And that you will work yourself to death to provide for your family. But most of all I am glad you put up with me, and are willing to do what it takes to make me happy!! I am truly a lucky person!!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!

To my dad I am thankful for the many lessons you have taught me. For the many blessings you have gave me, I always felt better knowing you were so inspired!! I am thankful for the hard worker you are and that you lead our family so wonderfully!! If anyone could help replace papa it was you!! I love that you love Disney and that you are just about as excited to go as Brooklyn is. I love that you just adore my girls and that they are the light in your eye. I love that I have always and will always be a daddy's girl. I love that you call me almost everyday just to chat!! Most of all I love you!!

And to my wonderful father in law Paul, who will probably never read this but I will write anyways, I am thankful for the way you raised such a wonderful son and taught him to work hard. I love your facination with DI and that great treasures you have found for us!! I love that you are willing to take us all camping and then feed us the best food until we want to puke!! I love the great example you are to all of us and the way you would do anything for us. I love the way you love my children!! I am so thankful to you!! LOVE YA!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Updates read all about it!!!

Life is boring right now. Not much to post about. Do you want to hear how I washed the dishes, changed dirty diapers, beat the dog (just kidding)? Because as of right now that is about how life is. And you know what I am fine with it. Last week I felt like our home was a place we kept our stuff in but was never at. So it is ok to be home.

Shaun my brother graduated from highschool last Thursday, how wierd! To think that we are all graduated is crazy!! My parents are getting old. Just kidding dad (I know you read this religously!) I am really proud of him. He got high honors. My dad put me in charge of running down many flights of stairs to take pictures of the graduates. I suck at taking pictures. Most of them that I took were blurry not to mention we had a security guard behind us saying take your pictures and leave everytime we ran down. No really! I thought I would just set up camp down here!! Honestly! Anyways my kids absolutly hated it! Drew played his game the whole time, Brooklyn about a half of a hour into it wanted to go home to her blue house. And Baylee everytime a horn or bell would go off she became histarical! FUN FUN!!! Shaun with his nieces and nephew. That was about Brooklyn's attitude throught the whole thing until....

she found a confetti that was just the neatest thing she had ever seen.!
Drew and Kirsten! They are six years apart!! Is there something wrong with that picture.

The graduates!! Shaun and Colton!! Good job boys!
My gals glad that graduation is over!!

Andrew and I have finally came to the decision that we are moving. We are going to find something in town. And believe that is moving up in the world when we get to move into the town of American Falls. Because right now in order to get to my home, food and water is a great idea for your treck to my house. So if anyone knows of someone who would like a newer home with 5 bedrooms in the middle of nowhere send them our way!!