Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brooklyn's update

Brooklyn is doing pretty well. Thanks to those who posted comments. The night before she went in I was so sick to my stomach. Andrew told me to chill because it wasn't like she was going in for open heart surgery or anything, but seeing my children hurting really stresses me.
Anyways everything went good. We got there about 7:30 in the morning. Brooklyn looked so cute walking in with her back pack, dolly and new jammies. (I will post picture later.) We got into her room and the doctor came in and filled us in on what was going on. He asked if we had any questions and without skipping a beat Brooklyn answers "NO THANKS."
She was quite happy going back to surgery and I will have you know I didn't cry as they wheeled her away like I thought I would. Coming out of surgery was a totally different thing. Her room was right across the entrance to surgery so when the brought her into recovery she was freaking out-literly!! They finally couldn't handle her in recovery so they brought her into the room, kicking, thrashing and screaming! SCARY! This went on for a little over a half an hour, including her pulling out her IV. The doctor called deforia. That some coming off the anastetia will act that way. After about a half an hour we were able to calm her down enough to recieve some medicine. Thank goodness. It was peace after that! Our next big hurdle was getting her to drink. They would let us go until she drank so much. I know how stubborn she is and knew that was going to be a hassle. Finally at about 5 we were able to come home. Brooklyn is now enjoying my parents array of Disney movies. We are staying in Pocatello in case we have any problems we will be close to the hospital. She talks a little wierd, but she already has her appeitite back and it is hard telling her no to certian foods but we'll make it!!


  1. I'm happy to hear Brooklyn is doing well. I'm sure it is scary no matter how serious the surgery is. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  2. Hey Courtney- Its fun to get an update on you! I am glad that your cute little girl is okay. When David was 2 we had to put him under at the hospital for his two front teeth caps and I was a wreck! It went way better than I thought. I am glad that is over for you:) We live in Saint George still-(to answer your question a while ago:) we actually are going to move up to Idaho for a couple of months this summer because Rod is out of school (he teaches 6th grade) Where are you living? Anyway, cute family! talk to you later, Amy

  3. I'm glad things went well. When Kameryn had tubes put in her ears, they told us that when they come out of the anesthesia they are very angry. (I was freaked out as well, for her surgery. Always scary!) Hope her recovery keeps going well. Let us know if we can help.