Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brooklyn is 4!

My little girl turned 4! I can't believe it! How time has flown! We were at the tail end of our family reunion so we threw her a party at my grandparents house along with my dads birthday and my uncles. The 12th of July is a busy day! Brooklyn got a bike for her birthday and is still a little scared to ride it.

The next day we threw Brooklyn her first kids party! We had 6 kids show up. We asked them to all dress up in their favorite character. We had a character walk (like a cake walk) and then a pinata. Brooklyn's aunt Amy made her a Belle cake that was absolutly adorable. She had a great time and think the other kids did too!

That night we had a party with all the Lemmons. Brooklyn thought she was oh so cool that she was able to have three parties! She ended up with lots of loot and lots of great memories!

Reunion time!

On the 10th through the 12th of July we had the Denison reunion up in Jackson Hole. They had rented cabins for all of us. All of my grandpartents kids were there with the exception of the youngest Steve. Also all grandkids were there with the exception of the ones that were on missions. We had a great time catching up and seeing those that I haven't seen in forever. We figured there was 17 great grandchildren there all 5 and under. Drew was the oldest and the next one was 5. We had such a great time! Thanks Laurie for taking the time to plan all of this!

Andrew and his boys chilling in front of our cabin.

Andrew and the kids swimming in Jackson. Notice the fish (Brooklyn) she thought she could swim by herself. No fear I tell you!
Brooklyn coming down the slide. She wouldn't tell anyone she was going down, she would just hit the water and let it push her over! NO FEAR!!

4th of July

The day started out by going to the parade which I forgot to bring my camera too. But thats ok- it was lame anyways! Then we came home put kids down for naps and probably took a few naps ourselves and then started getting ready for the night time festivities! And that is when it started to rain! And rain and rain!
We thought for sure the fireworks were going to be cancelled but it cleared up and we were able to enjoy the fireworks. My kids really enjoyed the fireworks!

Jaxsen enjoying the fireworks! That is how he looked through the whole show!
The girls watching fireworks! Thanks Scott!
Baylee and daddy showing how old she is! Or at least daddy is!