Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Adventures in camping

This weekend we decided as a family to head to Yellowstone before Andrew gets to busy. We left Friday evening and went to Andrews parents house where we loaded up on the camping necessities. Since we kind of lack in that department. Then Saturday morning we headed up to Yellowstone. Side note, as we were leaving American Falls I realized we had forgotten Brooklyn's blanket, her most prized possesion. Anyways we got to Yellowstone and decided to go to Old Faithful first where I realized my camera was dead! GRRRRRRRRRRRR! Anyways watched good old faithful, got some ice cream and walked through the shops. We then decided to make the loop around Yellowstone which takes to Canyon Village and other places. We were able to buffalo, deer, elk (which Brooklyn called milk. Also keep in mind that each animal that we did see Brooklyn had to tell us what it was and if we tried to correct to made sure to tell you that wasn't going to happen.) and quite a few ducks and some very beautiful seanery.
By the time we made it back into west it was about 9:00 and I was sick, I had gone a litttle too long without eating. We went to a barbacue place were Andrew loves and had dinner. By the time we got back to our camp spot it was dark so Andrew and Drew enjoyed putting up the tent (ya I said tent) in the dark. They did a pretty good job, the next task was blowing up the air mattresses. We had two doubles and one single but the realized that our tent would only hold the doubles. Did I mention in the middle of the night mine went flat! GRRRRRRRRRRR! So I finally moved over by Andrew and slowly through the night the girls got cold and came by us. By morning no one was in the same spot the went to sleep in. Some how Drew got pushed onto the flat one and doesn't remember a thing. Brooklyn thought the whole camping experience was pretty cool especially sleeping in her princess sleeping bag.
The next morning we go up and went into town to walk through the shops. Drew and Andrew had been dying to get some fudge and we planning on getting it this day, but little did we know the candy shop is closed on Sunday (as it should be). So Drew decided to get a sheeps fur (GROSS), which he thought was pretty cool. Over all it was an enjoyable weekend!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Brooklyn's 3rd and my dads 50th birthday out at the house. Brooklyn from previous posts is all in to princesses so her birthday was pretty much based around it!! We had a barbacue and cake and ice cream and presents.
Brooklyn and her papa and their cakes.Brooklyn, Kirsten and Jill and her princess presents.

She wore a itty,bitty yellow polka dot bikini....

For Brooklyns actual Birthday on Saturday we decided to take the kids to the pool at Ross Park. Baylee is starting to like the water a little more. And Brooklyn has always been my little water baby. Drew loves to get googles and see what he can find on the floor of the pool.

Baylee and Grandma at the pool.Drew strolling at the pool.Brooklyn our little water baby. Baylee's first taste of cheetos.

Brooklyn's Princess Camp

As if Brooklyn needed another reason to be a princess, my cousins dance studio put on a princess camp for girls 3-10. This was Brooklyn's first year to go, and of course loved it. I also got a little taste of what it will be like when she goes to kindergarten. The camp was all week long and each day there was different princesses there. They learned a dance, made a craft and had a snack. On the last day they showed up to get their hair, makeup and nails done. Then they were put in princess dresses, given sashes that said Princess and their name and crowns. Then all the parents were invited to come and watch their dances and see how pretty they were. Since I had to go to the doctor for baby number 3, Andrew went to see her. My aunts that were there said that Brooklyn thought that was pretty neat that her dad came.
Brooklyn and Mulan

I love this picture. I love that Baylee is looking down at her sister and thinking would she just pay attention.Brooklyn and CinderellaBrooklyn and Snow WhiteBrooklyn and Jill otherwise known as Belle.

Brooklyn showing off her moves.

4th of July

We had quite a busy 4th of July, we started out the day going to the parade in Pocatello, which was quite lame in my opinion but the kids liked it!
Then it was off to a barbacue that some how I got put in charge of. We had it at some people in our ward's back yard (they have a little pavilion). It turned out really well.
As we left the barbacue it was off to the last barbacue of the night. I only had the salad at this barbacue because meat was not sounding good. We got to watch the fireworks at my aunts house and overall I think things went pretty good. Drew and Brooklyn love the fireworks, and Drew especially love setting off fireworks. He is our little pyro.

Brooklyn's New Hair Cut

Brooklyn on the 4th of July decided to take it upon herself to give herself a new hair style! Notice the right side is a little less full.

I just about lost it! Her cute hair! So the next we were off to the hair stylist to get it fixed. Andrew decided that he trusted no one but his sister, so we called Angel and were off to IF to get it fixed. And this is the result. I about had a anxity attack as it was being cut but we survived! And it turned out pretty cute!

Friday, July 11, 2008

So many post not enough time! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so many things to post but the biggest and quickest news is that I pregnant yet again! I not sure yet the emotions I am feeling but what ya do. I am due March 3rd!