Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have posted about 7 new blogs. Trying to update my life and remember all that has been going on. Check it out if you want to!

Family pics 2010

I have put off and put off family pics until I lost some weight but now I have so much to lose it could be years before we get Family pics and I bit the bullet and got them done. Don't I have a cute family!

Like I said Cute KIDS!!!! Adorable husband and one CHUBBY MOMMY!

Big BUBBA! Gotta love this kid!

Oh no! It's Godzilla!!!
This boy love the hose and has learned how to turn it on and also haul it into the house!
The new way to suck on your BINK. We call him Bubba Gump. Because that is the way his lip is going to stick if the doesn't knock it off!


Let me tell you the genius I have for a daughter. Baylee decided that "No diapers, I wear panties!" And that is what she did she potty trained herself! I didn't do anything. She figured it all out by herself!

Brooklyn is 5! Where did the time go?

Where has the time gone? My oldest is FIVE! Brooklyn has turned it to such a young lady. She is such a good helper to me and will do pretty much what ever I ask. I could do things with her! Brooklyn loves to look beautiful and especially loves when you comment how pretty she looks. She always makes sure you give her a kiss and a hug before you head out the door. Brooklyn loves dresses and to dance. She is a wonderful big sister. Baylee just looks up to her and they play so well together. Brooklyn is so exctied to head to Kindergarten. Honestly all I can say is where has the time gone.
The night before Andrew and I stayed up blew up balloons to fill their room. Brooklyn was so astonished the next morning!
Brooklyn and her favorite people in there world. Jill, Easton and Zoie.
Zander man taking over the presents.
Papa and Brooklyn on their Birthday. 
Krisanne came over early and decorated this adorable cake for Brooklyn. So cute! Brooklyn loved it!

Tale as old as time. Beauty and the Beast.

Papa and Grandma along with other Lemmon Family members took a trip to West Yellowstone to see Beauty and the Beast at the Playmill. Brooklyn and Jill have quite the little relationship. Brooklyn just loves Jill.

Cami's Home!

Cami came home the end of June! We were all so excited to have her home! She served an honorable mission in the Philippines.
Heather, Jill and Brooklyn with the sign that Heather and Jill made.
All Cami's posse
Baylee and Mommy!
Jaxsen meeting Cami for the first time. Baylee not to sure about all this.

4th of July (Boy am I slow!)

We went up to Val and Mikes house this year for the 4th. It has become a tradition so we had to keep it going. Last years weather was horrid so this year was a lot better. Our kids love watching the fireworks and there was plenty of kids there to play with.
The kids watching the next store neighbors fireworks!
Having some good food!
Brooklyn and Jill
Baylee and Jill what a cheezer!
Big Bubba
Baylee and Val