Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Party Time

On Saturday we celebrated Jaxsen and Drew's birthday. Drew's 12th birthday was on Monday the 15th but he was with his mom so we weren't able to celebrate it yet. Jaxsen thinks the world of his big brother and crawled up on his lap at the start of the party. I can totally see this happening for years to come! Jaxsen absolutly enjoyed each of his presents. When we plopped the piece of cake on his tray he kind-of looked up at us like this is all for me? We were so thankful to all those who were able to be there with us to celebrate these two special boy's birthday!

Bring in the cakes!

Birthday boys! Jaxsen's already taking a stab at the cake!

Is this really all mine?

Cute little 1 year old!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My little Guy is 1! (in 55 minutes)

I remember this night very well, I had been on bed rest since the 27th of December and there were many days that I would look at Andrew and say "I can't do this anymore!" or "Maybe this should be our last", or the best "Just take me out to the desert and shoot me!" We went up to Idaho Fall this night last year to stay with Holly so I could be at the hospital and 5:30 in the morning. We decided to go to Olive Garden for one last horrah and oh what a miserable dinner that was. I am pretty sure I was in labor then. I ended up spending most of that night in the tub. That morning I was so excited I had made it to my c-section date. I remember telling my doctor "So how much money did you lose by me not showing up here this last week." His answer was "Not a cent but I could have bet millions and won that you would be here this morning." Oh how right he was! 
At 8 am our little bubbas made his HUGE debut! 9lb 3oz to be exact and came out eating his hand. As soon as I got into recovery that little guy was ready to eat! 
Jaxsen you have been such a blessing in our lives. You are your daddies right hand man. If dad's home you are with him and you throw a holy fit if he doesn't take you with him. Everyone that sees you says you are a mini me of you dad. Which I so love to hear. When I was about 22 weeks along with you I had a vision, thought what ever you want to call it while saying my prayers. I saw you as a baby and you looked so much like your dad in that vision that I know with out a doubt that Heavenly Father was preparing me for you. You love to eat and not baby food, never have! Your favorite meal is roast and mashed potatoes but you aren't a picky eater. As long as it doesn't taste like baby food you are all over it. You love to follow your sisters around and think they are so interesting. You have 4 teeth right now and our favorite is when you give us a big toothy grin! You just learned to walk about 2 weeks ago, and are getting better everyday! You love the bath and drinking the water in it! YUCK! Your binkie is your best friend-don't leave home without it! Mommy and daddy love you so very much and are so glad that Heavenly Father blessed us with you even when we thought we weren't ready! We needed you as a part of our family! 

Love you little monkey!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh what a weekend!

Can I just say I will thank Heavenly Father often for the gift of the Holy Ghost. This weekend started out not much different then other weekends. On Friday I had a doctors appointment in Idaho Falls with my OB, (no not prego, not for a little while). Well my OB ended up at the hospital delivering babies so my appointment got postponed. Well I thought might as well run a few errands at the mall while I am up here. Baylee this whole last week has not felt well. When that girl gets sick, she get sick! She has had quite the cough and a fever off and on all week. We had taken her in on Wednesday and they said that she had a virus and that she should turn around by Friday. Well on the way up to Idaho Falls I noticed Baylee still didn't look great, not horrible but not great! Well while at the mall grabbing a few things (by the way looking back I feel horrible that I dragged such a sick little girl into the mall but Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways), I ran into my friend Tanys. We sat down to chat for just a few minutes and in those few minutes is when everything went crazy. I have given Baylee one these little donuts, and suddenly she began to throw up and the suddenly went limp and very white. I looked at Tanys and said she doesn't look good, I need to call the her doc (which is also in Idaho Falls. I know kind of a pain but I gave the docs here a chance and none of them even closely lived up to Dr. Baker.) It was about a 25 to five and they didn't have anything open. After telling them her symptoms they told me to take her to the emergency room or a community care. So immediately we hauled her out to the car. Just as we got her into the car, the person that was parked next to me pulled out and another car pulled in. As the lady got out her car Tanys noticed that she had on scrubs and asked her if she was a nurse. She responded yes and we asked her to come over and take a look at Baylee. She felt her head took her pulse and looked in her eyes and said that we had a very sick little girl and they she differently needed to go to the hospital. Which was so interesting because as soon as she went limp in the mall I kept having this feeling that I needed to take her to the hospital. So I hurried over to hospital and took her into the ER. They assessed her and she had a bulging ear infection, but her RSV had came back negative and her chest x-rays where clear. But after monitoring her for about 3 hours they said that her oxygen kept dropping and that they couldn't allow her to leave. So we were admitted to the pediatric floor for observation that night. During the night her oxygen dropped to 80 and she was put on oxygen. Oh was that fun. She hated that and kept trying to pull it out. We ended up having to tape it to her face so she could pull it off. In the back of my head I kept wondering if I had made the right decision. After we finally got Baylee settled down the nurse looked at me and said, "Just so you know, you made the right decision bringing her here to the hospital." Oh what I needed to here! Another little prayer answered. The next day (Saturday) she got a little better but we noticed that when she went down for a nap her oxygen level dropped and so the said we needed to stay at least one more night to she if she could keep her levels up without oxygen. Meanwhile when all this was happening Jaxsen was there with us that afternoon. I noticed about 4 o'clock that he had a fever. I took his temp and sure enough it was 102.5. I called our doc and he said take him downstairs to the emergency room to have him looked at too. So off I went with Jax, while Andrew stayed upstairs with Baylee. By the time I got down there he had and fever of 104.2. They checked both his ears and sure enough both were flaming red. They did a RSV test and chest x-rays on him and both came back the same as Baylee. But since he had the same symptoms as his sister guess what happened, up to the Peds floor for Jax. So we had the kids across the hall from each other. Andrew stayed with Jax and I stayed with Bays.  Oh and guess her was our nurse today. The nurse who assessed Baylee in the parking lot at the mall! Again Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways! Also I am so thankful for the kindness of others. Someone donated coloring books and crayons for children who were in the hospital for valentines day so they gave Baylee one. And when they brought in their food today there was a little card made by a little girl telling my children Happy Valentines Day. She didn't know my children but how it touched my heart so simple kindness of others!

Today Baylee is ten times better, still has that nasty cough but a thousand times better. Jaxsen still is fighting a pretty bad fever but after a few days of antibiotics they said he will be feeling a lot better.
Another note, lately I have wanted to have my own home so bad my teeth hurt. It is all I seem to think about, pray about, after being in the hospital with two sick kids, not having anything up there for us because we didn't plan on any of this happening, I am so thankful I have a home to come home to. Even if it isn't my very own. I truly thankful for all my parents have given up to help us this last year and this weekend. I do believe Heavenly Father was teaching me a little lesson this weekend. Be thankful for the things I have, a place to live, a loving family, heathly kids (before last week) and a good husband. And to be patient and let him take care of the rest so that is what I going to try my best to do!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Baylee

Baylee woke up in the middle of the night last night with a fever and a croupey cough, Poor girl! Today she has had a fever off and on. You can tell she wants to be happy and play but just doesn't have the energy, well tonight while sitting in the bath, I said "Baylee, I am sorry you are sick."

Her response, (and the reason I am blogging) "I not sick, I happy."

This is her new response. When I sing her my little poopa jean song, she looks at me and says, "No Mom, I happy." When I tell her to do something, "Mom, I happy."

Guess I need to take a little advice from my two year old (who refuses to tell you she is two, she is either one or freeee.) When life gets hard I need to tell myself and others, "I happy!"

Oh how I love this little girl!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Elder White Trash I mean Elder Lemmon loving life!

Shaun and his companion white trashing it up!

Shaun is loving life right now in Texas. And as he said when we talked to him at Christmas even if he wasn't we would never know! I had to post these pics of my goofy little brother! OH how we are proud of him!

Happy Birthday Andrew! (just a few days late)

To my wonderful husband~ Happy 34th Birthday!

I needed to quickly write a post to the most wonderful husband~
I am so thankful for Andrew and all he does for our family. He has made many sacrifices for our family. He works so hard for our family! He is a wonderful father and each day I am thankful I married such a handsome, wonderful man! I know many days I don't show how thankful I am for you but please know that I am! Happy Birthday Babe!