Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally Halloween Pics

The night out Halloween was quite a crazy night. We went to pick up Drew in Blackfoot from his mom and the back to my parents house to get the kids ready! In all this crazyness I realized that my camera was again dead and that I couldn't find my charger. I know you are saying go get new batteries but the cameras of today have one big battery that has to be charged. So my camera was out for the night.
In getting ready for Halloween, I had told Drew no scary, freaky masks that 10 year olds in the first place shouldn't be wearing. So he decided on an army man, so the week before Halloween we made a visit to the army surplus store. Drew could have spent hours there! We were able to pick him up a pair of pants, a shirt, vest and a hat. We were set. Well the night of Halloween his dad thought he should be a DEAD army man. His little sister did not like that at all. Baylee took one look at him and started to bawl! So much for something decent. Drew told my mom that he needed a pillow case because he was going to get way more candy then a silly pumpkin could hold! My mom asked him if he wanted a 101 Dalmatians pillowcase. He didn't think we were very funny!Brooklyn wanted to be a princess (SURPRISE SURPRISE) so I had found a really cute, thicker Sleepy BOOTY (Beauty) costume. In the month of October it changed from Snow White to Belle To Ariel. Little did she know mom wasn't changing. I think she turned out to be a cute Sleeping Booty.Our little Baylee was a love bug. Because she is just so lovable unlike her older sister at that age and was oh so cute!! She wasn't to fond of the head part but did her best. The kids went trick or treating through my parents neighborhood. About 3/4 th the way through Brooklyn decided she was sick as was going to stay in the stroller but still wanted to get the candy. Brooklyn also tells us she is sick as she is pounding down a sucker. Baylee was just wondering what the heck was going on!

Baylee pounding down her candy! Isn't she cute!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not big enough to fill your shoes papa but I am big enough to fill your hat!

Last weekend my kids spent time a Grandma and Papa's house while I did a scentsy party. Oh look at the fun the had!

Brooklyn showing off how cute she can be! I love all the curls!