Monday, December 14, 2009

We went and saw Santa on Saturday and as you can see we had some that loved it, some who hated it and some who thought the were to cool and old to be seeing Santa. Can you guess who is who?
Drew couldn't believe I was making him still do this and I said plan on it til you go on your mission! Brooklyn gets a thrill still seeing Santa! Baylee on the other hand does not like anyone that she hasn't previously met, and sometimes she still takes a while to warm up. She was not having anything to do with Santa. We are lucky we got this pic! Jax is just to young to understand what is going on so he just smiles because he is always smiling!

Santa BABY!

Santa baby otherwise known as Jaxsen. Is that little outfit not cutest little thing you have ever seen! My mother-in-law found it. I think it was my nephew Max's who is now 15. It was a little big but we are running out of time for him to wear it so we stuck it on!

Santa baby and one of his elves!

Putting up the Christmas Tree 2009

The kids had a great time putting up the Christmas tree with papa! Especially Jax! He had to be right in there helping with every step. It has been hard for me and the fact that we don't have a home of our own to spend the holidays with our children. But as you can see Papa and Grandma are making them feel apart of it all! I am just thankful that we have good family that allows us to stay with them.
Drooling Jax helping the best he can!
Brooklyn giving us a pose!

Kids have the camera now!

Look who got ahold of Nattie's camera! She looks so innocent but don't be fooled! She has everyone fooled!

Her baby!

The other one that I am holding resposible!

Brooklyn's Highland Dance Camp

Brooklyn got go to dance camp her cousin Jill up at Highland. She really quite enjoys doing these things. It started at 1:30 in the afternoon and and then that evening she performed in the JV boys basketball game and the Varsity boys basketball game. I wasn't able to catch the JV but Val took some great pictures for me! Before they performed at the game they judged each group and picked to girls from each group and gave them an award for being the two best performers in their groups. Brooklyn was one of them! I am so proud of my little lady and the awesome dancer she is becoming!

Brooklyn and her leaders

Brooklyn grooving it up!

Dancing in practice with her group.

Jill and Brooklyn

Brooklyn after she won her award!