Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jaxsen in the past few weeks has just taken off. I sure before we know it he will be up on is knees! Anyways I finally caught it on video. Sorry about my annoying voice!

Look what I can do!

Is that not the cutest little guy you have ever seen! I just want to eat him! He can now sit up all by himself and he loves to stand! He continues to be such a happy baby! We love him so much!
Look how big those kid's hands are!
I told you he loves to stand!
We see you Nattie and your undies too! HA HA!

1st day of Preschool

The girls posing!
Daddy and Brooklyn on their way to preschool!
We are on our way!
Another cute pic!
Brooklyn started preschool on September 9th. Her teacher is Mrs. Kathy (Kathy Miles). She was so excited the day of preschool. She made sure her and Baylee had a good lunch because she didn't want to be hungry at school. Daddy had to come home and see her go to her first day of preschool. On the way up asked if this preschool was a reputable school, I assured him it was! The night before we had to go get her a new backpack. The one mommy picked out wasn't cool (black, pink and white) she needed a princess one. She settled on a Tinker Bell one.

Game 3

Drew played Sandcreek (Hilcrest Team). They won 35-12. Drew did an amazing job! His coaches congratulated him on some lead blocks he performed! He was really pumped up and had a great time!
Jax and Grandma watching Drew!! Jaxsen is so good at the games! He loves watching his big brother!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Look how our family grows!

Yesterday for Labor day all the Lemmon's got together and had a little barbecue. It has been a long time since we were all able to get together. We were able to snag a pic and newest little men in the family and the woman they love most!! Can't say I can take a very good pic but all the boys are pretty cute!

New BFF's!

Because Baylee and Jaxsen are so close they have always had a little bond. I think Baylee was the first one to make him laugh. This bond continues to grow and they get older. And because Jaxsen is such a big guy they are almost the same size! Baylee can even sit on his lap! SO CUTE!! I just want to eat them both!

Sisters, Sisters!

I just had to post this cute pic of my girls. As Baylee gets older Brooklyn and her spend most of their day together playing, watching t.v. or fighting! It is reall nice to see them together. Even when Baylee or Brooklyn hurt eachother Baylee always comes over and gives her a hug! Oh so sweet! I remember when we found out that we were having another girl both Andrew and I were a little scared and frustrated but what a blessing it has become! Heavenly Father is truly knows what is best!

Down, Set, Hut!

In the last couple weeks Drew has started his 2009 football season! He has grown into a big kid! Last game he weighed in at 137.5 lbs. At 138 you can only play offense, because I guess they are afraid they may hurt the little guys! Drew has never been one of those so we have never had to worry. But I guess the saying does go "The bigger they are, the harder they fall!" Let's hope that isn't our case! Drew is really enjoying this year and is learning a lot! It is exciting to watch him play! He does need to get a little more aggresive but that will come with time!

Jax watching his big brother play! GO DREW!

Brooklyn heading off to preschool

Brooklyn at about a year

I can't believe my little lady is old enough to head to preschool. Tomorrow is her first day! And she is so excited. She is going Mrs. Kathy Miles Preschool. Last week we went up to a little open house so Brooklyn could see where she would be going to preschool. I am very impressed by how she has everything set up!! I am sure Brooklyn will have loads of fun, I just hope she listens!
Here are some little things about Brooklyn right now.
  • She loves to wear her swimming suit and will wear it all day if I would let her. She has quite the tan.
  • She hates, hates getting her hair brushed! She cries everyday!
  • She love polly pockets.
  • Brooklyn has become quite the little artists. Her latest thing is making all of us cards with stick figures inside. Very cute and wonderful to see how much she is progressing.
  • Still loves those princesses and everything Disney.
  • Hates Jeans!! I only got her one pair of jeans for school I am sure it will be a fight to wear them.
  • Did I mention she has 7 cavities!! She has to go in for surgery and get them all filled on the 22nd of September!
  • Loves leggings! And she looks so cute in them.
  • Loves to dance, anytime a song is on that cute little bum is dancin'!
  • Is a wonderful big sister and such a great little helper. I can give her a list of things I need in her room and she remembers it all! SO IMPRESSED!
  • Is our little DIVA and we love her!
Good luck and have fun with Preschool!