Monday, August 24, 2009

My new blog!

My new blog! I am slowly shutting down my other blog because I can not change the long in address and since I will not longer my using that email I have decided to start from scratch! So here it is! I hope to make it much better then my first. If any one has ideas how to hold onto all the blogs I did post let me know!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Middle school!

Drew is in middle school now! HOLY COW! I talked to his mom tonight and his first day was yesterday and he said he loved it! They have lockers, change classes and this is the best- you get to chew gum in class! Oh the joys of a 11 year old! I can't believe Drew is in middle school! The boy is growing so fast! He is as tall as me and is about 140 lbs! He is a big kid just like his dad! He is playing tackle football right now and was told that he has to drop a few pounds in order to play on defense. We don't want to hurt anyone! He was so good this last weekend about watching what he ate and even going on a walk to burn a few calories! In the words of my grandma- WHAT A FINE YOUNG MAN! I couldn't agree more!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New post!

In looking at other people's blogs and noticing ours with the caption "My DUI experience" I realized that I am not putting off a very good view of my family! We are not as white trash as you may think, sure we live with my parents, and yes I let my child run around in her diaper and probably many other things that would be considered white trash! So I thought I better post something new. So instead I tell you how I broke my bum! I know not much better! Monday I was getting into the back of the expidition to put in Brooklyn's carseat and as I was stepping out I missed where to put my foot and down I went with all my weight landing right on my bum! I managed to twist my ankle in the process! Drew says I even bounced a little when I landed! As I dragged myself over to the grass to cry the neighbor boy across the street heard my cries! So him and Drew dragged me into the house moaning and all. As the neighbor boy got me to the couch he as what hurt. All I could yell out was "MY BUM!" I think that was about the time when he left! Little to much info! Drew was so good to me! He sat and rubbed my back, got me some ice for my ankle and kept asking if there was anything else he could do. His mom called me a couple of days later and said that he had remember me in his prayer! What a good kid!
We figured the doctor would do an x-ray tell me my tail bone was broken, send me home with some meds and a huge doctor bill which we don't have the money to pay and that would be it! So we skipped the doc and surviving at home! Oh my poor bum! You don't realize muscles are connected to your bum. Or what you can feel when there when doing things for example sweeping! Anyways again I am thankful for wonderful parents who step up and fill in when I am down! Thank you thank you!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My DUI experience!

NO NO I didn't get a DUI but I got pulled over and they thought I was! So today I was on my way to go get Drew in Shelley. In the car with me was Jaxsen and Zander. Zander slept so peacefully all the way up and back! Oh but not his cousin! Jaxsen decided to scream his little chops off!! So after the hundredth time of putting his binkie back in his mouth (he was behind the passenger seat) and the wind blowing a 150 miles and hour apparently someone called into ISP reporting that I was driving erratically. I only crossed over the solid white line maybe twice and just for a second. So parked on the side of the road was me doing the drunk driver test! HOW HUMILIATING! They made me do the eye test and asked me the last time I drank (Oh about 7 years ago! My hellion days! POOR PARENTS) Well just so you know I passed and next time Jaxsen can scream till his chops come off!! Great times!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Freezing in August

So last Saturday we had Chubbuck days! It was a lot of fun and they had a great parade. On the other had it was freakin freezing! Ok not that bad but it was cold. Take a look at Zander. Usually you don't wear a beanie in August! But it was a good reason to get a pic! Aren't they cute together!

Is This Illegal?!?

I had to post this pic! It is so freakin cute! My child will probably hate me on day but oh well! He will be 6 months on the 20th. Jaxsen is quite the mover now. He can turn himself all the way around in a circle, do his version of army crawling, roll back and forth and is grabbing at everything. He hates baby food or any form of it. I have to get a video of it because it is so funny!! He also growls at everyone! Love my little guy!