Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Two big boys!

Cute! That is all I can say!

The future Football player

Jaxsen found a football on the floor and did his best to get over to it. He was fascinated with it! He actually got it up on his belly like that! Future Highland football player here we come!

Buddies for Life!

We finally got our first pictures of Jaxsen and Zander together. Jaxsen is 4 months older the Zander but I hope they will be the best of friends! It is hilarious to see how much bigger Jaxsen is when they are put side to side.

Congrats Heather and Jerimiah!

My cousin Heather married her sweetheart, Jerimiah on June 18th in the Salt Lake Temple. We loaded all the fam and headed down to SLC for the wedding. The girls enjoyed running around temple grounds and had such cute dresses on thanks to Grandma Mortensen! They were so cute and Jaxsen is always quite the stud!

Finally someone having a baby other than ME!

My brother and his wife just had their little guy last Saturday- and BOY is he cute and oh so precious! Zander Michael Lemmon weighed 8lb 15oz and 21 1/2 inches long! Congrats Andrew and Kendra!
Andrew is such a great daddy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life is boring right now!!

So I had a few people ask why no new posts? Well the answer is because nothing is going on! Life as we know it is boring! So I thought I would post a cute pic of my family and tell what the kids are up to.
Drew just started coming every other week for a week. I don't know how he feels about this because there is not much going on right now but never the less we love having him here. 
Brooklyn has gotten more and more independent. I just got her a new swimming suit and every day she wears it whether it is 50 degrees or 80 degrees. Which right now is 50 degrees! Isn't it summer!
Baylee just went in for her 18 month appointment. She is still my little tiny. 24 pounds and 31 inches tall. She is starting to say a few words such as mom, da, uh oh and a few others if you listen really carefully. She loves following her sister around and loves to get under her skin! It is hilarious. She is also figuring out how to throw a fit! YIKES!
Jaxsen is my little buddy! He already is a mamas boy. Which is Andrew thinks is funny, why is it that it is not cool to be a mama's boy but it is cool to be a daddy's girl. Not fair! Jaxsen is smiling away and cooing. He is also trying to roll over but he is a pretty big guy so that is a lot meat to roll over!
We are still at my parents house, I am so thankful that they are willing to allow us to live here and mess up their home. With Andrew working so much it has truly been a blessing!