Thursday, April 29, 2010

The toilet.

Jaxsen threw Andrew's work clothes in the toilet tonight because I think he thought that Daddy was being a little mean to Mommy for going to a party tonight. That'll teach you HONEY! Love you!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Go JAZZ! This is for Doran.

So we are so not major leauge basketball, football, baseball fans. We love going and watching our kids play, nephews, nieces, and cousins play but when it comes down to watching sports on TV we don't get around to it. But when Jaxsen was born Doran gave him this little outfit and I thought it was so cute! It was a 24 month outfit so this is the first time I have put him in it! I loved it! So this is for you Doran!
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More Easter pics!

Don't they look so cute! This was the first pic I got of all my kids in their Easter outfits. The girls in pink and the boys in green! I need to get more of the boys because they looked so studly! Maybe by summer I will have all the Easter pictures taken. I can't believe how big they are all getting. I had to find Drew's Easter clothes in the mens section. That's right, the mens section. He has been wearing all of Shauns old clothes but now is getting to big for them! He will soon be passing hand-me-downs to Shaun. Baylee and Jaxsen are only a size different. When did they all get so BIG!!!!
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Is it summer yet!

Is it summer yet! My kids sure think so! They love these popsicles! I think we go through a dozen of them a day. Good thing they are cheep! I loved it that they were all together watching cartoons, enjoying a frozen snack! Love these kids!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andrew's 5th appendage!

I have never seen a kid that loves his dad more than this little guy! If you don't know where this pic is taken at our house, I'll give you two guesses. Take a look at the object above Andrew's head. Yep it is in the bathroom on the toilet. Jaxsen will bawl his eyes out until Andrew pics him up and then he is as content as can be! Andrew asked me why Jaxsen is like this. I said "You always wanted a little guy that wanted to be your best buddy, do everything with you, be just like you! Well you got it!" Andrew's reply was "Ya, but I didn't want another appendage." Andrew cooks with Jaxsen, reads with Jaxsen. If Jaxs was a little older he would probably be going to work with Andrew. Andrew always jokes that he is going to have to home school the kid, because he is going to have a nervous break down when he goes to school. Just a side note Andrew was the same way with his dad growing up! I think it is hilarious!

Soocer Time

Brooklyn started soocer on Saturday! OH how hilarious! Maybe two of them knew some what of what they were doing. The others including my daughter just ran around with their heads cut off! So FUNNY! Brooklyn more just wanted to pose for pics and wave to us. My mom lost her voice yelling at the kids and Andrew just rolled his eyes at my mom. My dad is used to her so he just took pics! Baylee enjoyed the toys next to the soocer field! Fun times! We need to work with the girl! But she was the cutest thing on the field!

Posing for the camera! Isn't she amazing. She can pose and play soocer at the same time! That's my girl!
Coach Stacy telling the kids, "We run this way!"
Baylee enjoying the toys!
That is as far as she is going to go up! She is our cautious one!
Where is Baylee?

Pretty Ladies

Since we didn't go to church on Easter Sunday, my girls wore their Easter dresses this Sunday. Oh so beautiful but they have a thing with not SMILING! WHY?!? I don't know. Jaxsen was sick and wasn't going to church and Drew was with his mom. So next week we will have them all in their now Easter stuff. And hopefully better pics!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've got bangs!

Last week I went to get Brooklyn's hair trimmed at my work. You can usually tell when it needs a trim because it starts to snarl at the bottom. While we were there we decided to give her a change and get bangs. On our way home she said to me "Dad is not even going to recongnize me. I am a whole new woman." So  cute!

Easter! I am a little late I know!

So our Easter festivities started on the Thursday before Easter. We decided to dye Easter eggs that night! I think my mom and Andrew got more into it then the kids but we all had a good time. You always start out thinking you have plenty of eggs and they always go so fast. Baylee was all about doing it herself, Brooklyn wanted to write on each of them herself and Jaxsen just loved to plop the eggs in the coloring!

Jax giving us his best wave!
Baylee, Andrew and Brooklyn! Like I said Andrew had lots of fun!
Mom over seeing all the work!
Our finished product!

On Saturday we had our annual Easter egg hunt. We usually do it out side but woke up with snow on the ground and the wind blowing like crazy! So we had to improvise and do it inside. The kids still had a lot of fun!
The hunters!
Baylee hunting for her eggs!
Jax and dad going at it!
I found one!
Our most experienced hunter!
You'd think we were making them hunt for eggs! Cheer up gals!
Enjoying their hard work!

After the hunt we decided to head up to Rexburg to celebrate Easter with Andrew's parents. My mom made the comment why are we spending the holidays with them. I looked at her with a bewildered look like "Are you kidding me! We live with you!" My dad had the same thought. On our way up we picked up Drew. By the time we got to Rexburg you would have thought we were coming for Christmas not Easter. They had a TON of snow. The next morning the kids woke up to their Easter baskets and new Easter clothes. I always got an new Easter dress, so I am carring on the tradition. Since it was conference weekend, they had to wait until this Sunday to wear them! Later on that day Drew found Jax, he had found his GIANT chocolate Easter egg and was quite enjoying it.
See the mess he made!


Friday, April 2, 2010

There is an elephant in the room.

So last night all the kids were taking a bath last night and Brooklyn was apparently looking a little too close at the anatomy of her brother. Next thing we knew he was asking Grandma why Jaxsen's "tool" looked like an elephant. It took Grandma a second to figure out what she meant. I was just appalled! Apparently Brooklyn will now be showering by herself!