Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are you Honest in your dealings?

This is an excerpt from my dad's letter to Shaun:
One quick story. Yesterday, Brooklyn went into Mom with a request for ice cream. Mom asked if her if she had eaten her sandwich and Brooklyn repeatedly told her that she did indeed eat her sandwich. They were arguing back and forth about it. I finally asked Brooklyn to come in and visit with me. I told her that when I interview people for Temple Recommends, I ask them if they are honest in their dealings with their fellow men, she assured me that she was indeed honest. Baylee then walked in the room and I asked her if she had been out on the trampoline (I had seen her out on the tramp) and she told me no. I then reiterated the same situation that I had placed with Brooklyn. I said, "Baylee, are you honest in your dealings  with your fellow man?" to which she responded, "Nope" and tuned and ran off to eat her ice cream. We're not sure what we are going to do with the Bayster.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A fun night out!

A couple of weeks ago we got invited to Jarvis and Kortney's wedding reception. We met Jarvis when we lived in American Falls. His dad is was our bishop and still is our business partner. Jarvis is such a neat guy and Kortney is so cute! Their reception was adorable. They had it at a restaurant in Blackfoot. After we went through the line Brooklyn saw that they had face painting. She had to jump in line for that! After she got her face painted, Baylee and Jaxsen realized they need their faces painted. How neat is that to have a person their to paint faces. Well I didn't get any pictures of the cute couple but got a few cute ones of my adorable kids!
 Brooklyn and her kitty cat
 Jaxsen's DRAGON.
And Miss Bay's unicorn.

Jaxsen turn's 2! Drew is a teenager! 13!

Since Drew and Jaxsen's birthdays are 5 days apart, and usually by the time we get Drew for his birthday it is Jaxsen's birthday, we have decided to celebrate them together. I know Jax loves it because he loves anything that has to do with his big brother. Drew, well I hope he doesn't mind.
We celebrated it at my parent's house this year, cuz we got a big family and my little apartment wasn't going to accommodate all of us!
Jaxsen is in love with Toy Story 3, so needless to say that is what his cake was. I am sad I didn't get a good picture of it. His grandmas and grandpas got him Buzz and Woody! He was quite thrilled with it! He was so cute at showing everyone each of the toys he opened.
Drew got a german chocolate cake (YUM) and money. Teenagers are hard to shop for! He also got gift certificates to DAPCO hobbies, to cover some of the costs to fix up his car he got for Christmas.

-Can walk, run, jump, climb with the best of them.
-Can say mom, dad, papa, drew, bubba. Little slower at the talking side.
-Although he can't talk he knows exactly what is going on and will make sure to get his point across!
-Has a love/hate relationship with his sister Baylee. Because they are so close they play pretty well together, until one ticks the other off, then watch out! Full of BRAWL!!
-Watches Toy Story 3 at least 2 times a day.
-Loves the story "GO DOGS GO".
-Still loves that binkie. He can only have at nap time and bed time. So we are slowly getting better.
-Gives the best "FIERCE" look. Would make Shaun proud!
-Still loves his dad and looks just like him!
-Very loving little guy, I still call him my baby and probably will till another baby joins our family!

-Quite the tall 13 year old and has a low voice to match it!
 -Has already had a few mom's tell us he needs to take their daughters out when they turn 16. Hold on MOM's he is only 13!
-Quite the football player. Last season was one of the captain's!
-Still a pyromaniac! That kid loves fireworks, and anything to do with fire. YIKES!
-Loves his remote control car and his paintball gun!
-Is starting to talk about what car he wants when he turns 16. Is he a really almost that old.
-Loves to play slug-bug with his step-mom! Both of us are quite competitive.
-Best big brother my kids could ever ask for! He is such a helper! Could ask for a better GUY!

Drew reading cards to Jax
Jax showing everyone his gift

Drew's cake and the corner of Jaxsen's
Look at my balloon!
The kids scooping out the cakes!