Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's a BOY!!

I am so excited to announce that it is a boy! We got three different shots to confirm it! So I need cute boy names!
The arrow is pointing to the "tool" as Brooklyn calls it. It is the little white line. I am sure my child one day is going to be horrified that I posted his goods on the internet but hey I am excited. It makes the whole surprise worth it.
This is a picture of his face with his hands up by his face like he is playing peek-a-boo. 

His first outfit!
Aren't those pants adorable!

Today is the day!

Got any bets on what it is going to be? I am sure it is a boy, my mother in law is sure it is a girl! What do you think? Think boy think boy! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Andrew and Kendra's Wedding.

My brother got married this last weekend so our family is finally growing. Here are some of the cute pics that were taken.

Andrew with his girls. How precious!
The boys looking oh so sharp!
Who know what Brooklyn is doing. She got to be the flower girl. And was the best flower girl ever!
Brooklyn would have loved to go dance in the rain!
The new couple and my parents. Aren't the cute!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baylee climbing her first mountain.

So after spending the last week at my parents house becasue of my mom having her gallbladder out and my brothers wedding, Baylee has learned to climb the stairs with my dad's help of course and she totally loved it! Baylee after climbing her first mountain. Doesn't she look so pleased with her self.
Well today I found out her on the last stair before the middle landing, with no one spotting her! That little daredevil!! Looks like I have to go get a gate!

Brooklyn's Big Show

My cousin Kirsten called last week and asked if Brooklyn could be in her little kids camp at Century Highschool's drill team. She said there would be two days of camp and then they would perform at the Century vs. Twin Falls game at the Holt! I thought that would be fun for her. Well the little nightmare didn't think so. The first day of camp she was put in time out twice for not listening.
And the night of the game she spent half of the dance in my cousins arms with a final jump in the air that she managed to do herself. The leader who a good friend of mine informed me that she was the youngest and to give her a break. Who knows.

Baylee sort of enjoying the game. The first time the band played she wasn't sure what to think about it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The star football player!

Drew has waited 3 years to finally play tackle football and boy does he have fun with it. And I have to admit it is quite intense! A whole lot different from flag football. These guys are serious!! It is war! Drew plays on the line on both offense and defense and kick-off and loves every minute of it. You can always here him out there pumping his teammates up!! It is hilarious. We love watching it!! Side note- if you notice the guy to the left of Drew with the white shirt on, well before cropping of the pictures was done there was a lovely shot of the guys bum crack!! CUTE GUY, find a longer shirt.

The queen and her umbrella!

We went to the fair last week with all our kids and Brooklyn about broke the bank. First she thought she needed a blow up unicorn so dad gave in and go her one. Not 5 minutes later she sees a umbrella that she must oh must have. Because it is princesses it is a must! The child didn't let down. We are such push overs!!

Once we got home that dang thing went everywhere she did. I finally had to explain that it is for when it rains. That we don't take it to church, to Kevins house, to dance or anywhere else. Sure enough not an hour later what do - RAINS!! I have never seen a kid so happy to have it raining! It was time to break in the umbrella!! YAY!

Dancing Queen

Brooklyn started dance on Monday and holy cow was she excited. All day Monday all I heard was I was "I want to go to ballerina dance." Dance wasn't until 4 o'clock!! We had already had the leotard and skirt for dance my we needed tights and dance shoes. She informed me that she needed a black leo and skirt too and black shoes and tights to match! Holy heavens the girl is 3!
Anyways in the video Brooklyn is the one in the very middle that keep turning to look at the camera!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Daddy's Babysitting!! READ ON!!

So I came home tonight from my first Scentsy party which I will mention was a huge success!! Anyways I come home everything looked normal. Until I looked closer!! My bedroom door was closed, which I thought was odd- upon opening I found Baylee in a diaper only in bed side ways with her feet up on dad asleep, Brooklyn asleep next to dad. And dad asleep! Upon looking more I found Yagger the great dane locked in Baylee's room (which is so a no no!!) More looking I found a toilet cleaner brush in the toilet in my bathroom, was dad making the children do labor or work for food. But at least he was willing to babysit or I guess you don't babysit your own children but again he was willing and for that I will say it was quite fun to come home to.
I would post pics but Andrew is not in the right clothing for pics to be posted!! FUN FUN!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Update

I went to the doctor on Friday and everything is going well. Heartbeat good, belly good! I will get to find out what I am having September 25th! YAY! Everyone pray for a boy!! Any boy vibes send my way!! I love my girls but it is time for a boy!!