Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baylee's first 2 teeth!

We have wondered for a while if this girl was ever going to get teeth! Well low and behold she gets the in sets! And boy has she been in a fowl mood!! But were glad to see the show up!!

Joys of baby number 3!

Well the reason I haven't posted in quite a while is that I am currently on bed rest! Last Sunday I started spotting and cramping. Well the spotting has went away but the cramping is still showing it's ugly head! My heating pad has became my best friend! (Side note: you can't cook your child from being on a heating pad 90% of the day can you??) The doctor is going to do an ultrasound on the 5th but unless the cramping goes away completely the bed rest is the only option. This child is definatly teaching me patience! I am all filled up with patience. Brooklyn went to my mother in laws house on Friday and I can't believe how much we miss the little turd!! Especially her sis! She has just not been the same since she left, last night she was really crabby so we gave Brooklyn a call and she talked to Baylee. You should have seen her smile just hearing her voice! It was amazing!!

4 years baby!

Andrew and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Monday!! Andrew keeps telling everyone that he has reached a milestone with me- he has been married longer this time then the first time!! YAY!! We have our ups and downs but overall I am so glad he has decided to stick it out with me!! On to year 5!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chubbuck Days

So yesterday I spent most of the day with my family at Chubbuck Days at Cotant Park. My family job was to provide the sound and music for this event. My dad downloaded a bunch of music the was played over the speakers! Can I just say I love the way my dad and uncle Doran get into the music. My dad had Baylee playing the air guitar and the drums and his favorite question to ask us is "Who sings this?" We had a lady come up to us and tell us that she enjoyed every song that was being played and the her kids did not because they didn't know any of the tunes. That is one thing I am grateful that my dad has taught us good music.
I also enjoyed spending time with my family and seeing that no matter how old you get your uncle will still buy you ice cream. I am thankful for times like this when we can get together and just hang out and also be serving the community!

Feelings GOOD or BAD?

So Friday I went to my latest doctors appointment and got to hear a faint heart beat of the latest Mortensen. Although this pregnacy has been hard for me especially not planning for it and going through post partum (SPELLING?) and still going through it with Baylee, I have not been the most excited parent to have another child, which I feel so bad about because there are those who can't have children and I never thought I would ever feel any form of regret for one of my children but I find that is what I am feeling. Although I know that it will go away and that I feeling regret only for selfish reasons. I still find it hard. Though hearing the little heartbeat made things feel a little more real. And I hope with time that this will feeling will be a thing of the past and all I will feel is joy. My aunt Amy said that happened for a reason and I may not know it now but one day I will. I just wish I knew it now!! PATIENCE I know!