Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My big Baylee!

Baylee rolled over today!! YAY! It has been a long time coming. We have been up at the in-laws and we decided to put Baylee on her stomach which usually she isn't a fan of. Before we knew it she was on her back again. And I missed the whole thing. DANG IT! So we tried it again. But this time she wasn't going to have it with her stomach, but she did roll over! YAY! She can move all over the place by acrhing her back and pushing off with her feet. It is so cute!!


  1. Hey,
    I was so glad to hear from you. I wasn't sure if you knew who I was. Anyway, your blog is really cute. Sorry to hear about your little girl's surgery. My baby was tested for that at four months. Luckily, she did not have enlargened adenoids or tonsils. I was also glad to find someone else who vented occasionally. Sometimes it seems like everyone just writes about how perfect life is!

  2. I forgot to say how much I love Baylee's bows. Do you make them?

  3. Way to go Baylee! It's bitter sweet, I always wanted Lily to stay little but grow at the same time. Can we just keep them exactly as they are?