Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin faces! Lots of pics Beware!!!

Last night we were supposed to go to our friends Halloween party but Andrew's tractor had been acting up all day, so we didn't think running off to a party was going to be a good idea. So instead we carved PUMPKINS! Which turned out to be alot of fun. Especially having Andrew around with all the kids. Which really seems very rare lately.
Brooklyn put one hand in the pumpkin and felt how gooey it was and was not going to have anymore of that. Dad ended up doing most up it. She chose a face to put on hers.
Drew kept trying to get Brooklyn to touch it. He loves torturing her! I love how Andrew is just laughing in this pic!Brooklyn and Dad and the finished result. I was actually really suprised how into this Andrew was, I thought for sure I was going to be out here with the kids doing this and Andrew was either going to be watching TV or on the computer. But he was there the whole time with the kids. I better give him some more credit!
Andrew thought it would be a great idea to put the pumpkin on the babies head. No Andrew pumpkins don't belong there!Drew is now trying to get Baylee to touch the yucky guts of the pumpkin. What else are big brothers good for!I love this pic of Baylee telling us what to do and doing what she can to help.

Drew is finally working on his after torturing his sister!The finale, Drew and Brooklyn out on the steps with there pumpkins!Drew's Pumpkin! And Brooklyn's pumpkin! Overall it was a great night!

ISU Parade

Brooklyn got to be in the ISU parade last Saturday. She was some what excited for it but thought she need to wear her Belle costume because the last parade she was in she saw her cousin Jill in a Belle costume. I had to keep explaining to her that you get to wear your new dance outfit. When dad dropped her off at the parade she wasn't going to go. Then not to mention the parade lasted two hours! By the time we saw her she wasn't happy! Take a look-
I got three different pic and they're about all the same. Baylee on the other had quite enjoyed the parade because she had free reign of the candy without the older sis taking everything away!

Baby's Latest!

I went to the doc yesterday. Gained 6 pounds. Not going to say what the original weight was. Comparative to a house let's just say. I am starting to feel him move around which is my favorite part of being prego. But the little fart would not hold still long enough for us to get a really good listen at his heart beat. Little turd, every time we would start to hear his heart beat he would move again. But we did hear it, and the doc said she knew that he is developing because of his response to something being pushed on his little home. Those weren't her exact words I helped out a little bit. Anyways next appointment is the yucky juice and being poked by needles which my veins and I hate!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Baylee loves chocolate!

Her little sly look!

As you can see by the pics Baylee loves chocolate, and had a blast eating it but doen't like being cleaned up after eating the chocolate! What a mess!

Brooklyn in her latest show.

Brooklyn got to participate in a dance camp with Jill. I asked Jill before all this started if she was sure she wanted Brooklyn to come. She was kind-of a pill at the last one. But this one seemed to turn out better. The camp was on a Saturday morning with Brooklyn is a total morning person (I have not a clue where she gets it from because neither her dad or I are) and then the performed at a JV game in the day time.

Brooklyn after performing to "I just can't wait to be KING"

Brooklyn and the performers!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brooklyn in 10 years

So tonight we are sitting at dinner and Andrew made some comment I am not exactly sure what it was but all of the sudden Brooklyn says, "Shut-up dad" and rolls her eyes. "You're so weird!" Like the thing he was saying was the dumbest thing she ever heard. The shutup was said in a tone to make him quit taking but more like "Oh my gosh I can't believe you just said that" in her best valley girl impression. I couldn't help but laugh. Andrew was ticked and gave her a little flick on the side of the head the repremanded her. And I still laughed. More because I totally got a glimpse into the future for that little girl and what we have to looked forward too. OH GOODY!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


OK , so I really hate this but I have be tagged by 5 different people so I am going to suck it up and do it.

Fact 1 (RANDOM): I honestly really thought that when I got married it was going to be pure bliss, I am not making this up. I saw other peoples marriages and thought mine will be different, we will be in love all the time. Boy did I have a wake up call. I have a wonderful marriage but far from bliss. WHO KNEW!

Fact 2 (WEIRD): I have a really hard time leaving the house unless both my kids are ready and presentable and myself. That is not to say that always happens but I really have a hard time not doing it.

Fact 3 (WEIRD): I love being in charge, and in fact a lot of times even if I am not in charge I will some how make myself so. It is annoying, especially to others I am sure! But its a problem I just can't help. My husband especially loves it NOT!! 

Fact 4 (WEIRD): I can not leave the house without hairspray on my head.  Weird I know, I am actually thinking that right now!

Fact 5 (RANDOM): I love loading the dishwasher, honestly it is like a puzzle to me. But I hate unloading! And when my husband loads it I will rearrange it, annoying! My mom used to do that and I hated it and now I am just the same.

Fact 6 (RANDOM): I more shoes then most (Shaun says then most of the children in China combined, and I am always buying more. Some have only been worn twice. I can't help myself. It is a fetish. I also think I have a true addiction to shopping. I know every girl likes to shop but I get a high off of it, like a drug. I have considered contacting a shrink .

Fact 7 (RANDOM): It is lost secret what my hair color really is and one we probably will never find out. 

Now I tag:

Bonnie: I would love to hear what she has to say.

Tanys: She is so random, I love it.

Brigitte: She is hilarious!

Sarah: She is so lively, I wonder where she has all the energy!

And anyone else that is crazy enough to participate!