Monday, February 28, 2011

Colton's HOME!!!

 On the 17th of February Colton got home from serving in Cleveland Ohio. The family was so excited to see him! As he came through the door Val and Jill ran to hug him, but guess who got to him first? Brooklyn! The night before Colton left they came over to my parents house to say good-bye. Colton was trying to tell Brooklyn the next time he saw her she would be five. Brooklyn was really tired that night and just kept saying "I am three not five!" Needless to say Brooklyn was quite excited to see him. Jaxsen had never met Colton so it was neat to see that. Baylee just wasn't sure what to think of all of it. We sat out at the airport for about an hour after he got home. It is also exciting to think that the next time we all head out to the airport it will be for SHAUN! YAY!

Natalie and Jax!
Jill and her best friend Brooklyn!
Nat and Jax! Your shirt is up there a bit bud!
Jerimiah, Camille (the girlfriend), Hannah and Danielle waiting in anticipation
Z-man taking charge
Kirsten, Trent, Heather and Cami waiting for the missionary
Miss Bay's waiting for Colton
The 3 returned missionaries!

Snow-time and Kid-time

I took this picture of my cute girls one day on their way to play outside in the snow, because what else do you do in the winter time in Idaho. They are getting so big! I am thankful for a safe neighborhood, with friendly neighbors that are willing to help or watch out for one another.

The kids one day decided to put the chairs on the top bunk and pretend they were on a train. I love how creative they are.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes (that I want to remember)

I caught Baylee sitting on Brooklyn's face farting. They were both laughing histarically afterwards. I told Baylee she is disgusting and asked her where she learned it. "From Dad" was her reply. When I told Andrew, his comment was "Ya and while I was teaching her that, I also took your bra to work!" Love this family.

Took Brooklyn to the doc and they told me she had croupe. On the the way home she told me she hates having "CROW". Somehow she heard crow instead of croupe.

This one is disgusting but at the same time funny. Last night we are making a little treat and Baylee was sitting next to me on the counter. As I mixing things up I caught her picking her nose (YUCK!!!!). I told her that's disgusting and please don't do it while I am making something. She told me "It's ok mom, I put my finger in my mouth." I think I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth! I told you are going to have bougs growing in your stomach if you don't knock that off. Seriously what makes children think that it is ok to put buggers in your mouth. On every level that is just disgusting and the fact that my child does is even more gross!