Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Party Time

On Saturday we celebrated Jaxsen and Drew's birthday. Drew's 12th birthday was on Monday the 15th but he was with his mom so we weren't able to celebrate it yet. Jaxsen thinks the world of his big brother and crawled up on his lap at the start of the party. I can totally see this happening for years to come! Jaxsen absolutly enjoyed each of his presents. When we plopped the piece of cake on his tray he kind-of looked up at us like this is all for me? We were so thankful to all those who were able to be there with us to celebrate these two special boy's birthday!

Bring in the cakes!

Birthday boys! Jaxsen's already taking a stab at the cake!

Is this really all mine?

Cute little 1 year old!

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  1. I'm glad I found your blog on your facebook page, sooo cute! I will send you an invite to our blog. Cute family.
    Jodi Schwartz