Friday, February 19, 2010

My little Guy is 1! (in 55 minutes)

I remember this night very well, I had been on bed rest since the 27th of December and there were many days that I would look at Andrew and say "I can't do this anymore!" or "Maybe this should be our last", or the best "Just take me out to the desert and shoot me!" We went up to Idaho Fall this night last year to stay with Holly so I could be at the hospital and 5:30 in the morning. We decided to go to Olive Garden for one last horrah and oh what a miserable dinner that was. I am pretty sure I was in labor then. I ended up spending most of that night in the tub. That morning I was so excited I had made it to my c-section date. I remember telling my doctor "So how much money did you lose by me not showing up here this last week." His answer was "Not a cent but I could have bet millions and won that you would be here this morning." Oh how right he was! 
At 8 am our little bubbas made his HUGE debut! 9lb 3oz to be exact and came out eating his hand. As soon as I got into recovery that little guy was ready to eat! 
Jaxsen you have been such a blessing in our lives. You are your daddies right hand man. If dad's home you are with him and you throw a holy fit if he doesn't take you with him. Everyone that sees you says you are a mini me of you dad. Which I so love to hear. When I was about 22 weeks along with you I had a vision, thought what ever you want to call it while saying my prayers. I saw you as a baby and you looked so much like your dad in that vision that I know with out a doubt that Heavenly Father was preparing me for you. You love to eat and not baby food, never have! Your favorite meal is roast and mashed potatoes but you aren't a picky eater. As long as it doesn't taste like baby food you are all over it. You love to follow your sisters around and think they are so interesting. You have 4 teeth right now and our favorite is when you give us a big toothy grin! You just learned to walk about 2 weeks ago, and are getting better everyday! You love the bath and drinking the water in it! YUCK! Your binkie is your best friend-don't leave home without it! Mommy and daddy love you so very much and are so glad that Heavenly Father blessed us with you even when we thought we weren't ready! We needed you as a part of our family! 

Love you little monkey!!

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