Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soocer Time

Brooklyn started soocer on Saturday! OH how hilarious! Maybe two of them knew some what of what they were doing. The others including my daughter just ran around with their heads cut off! So FUNNY! Brooklyn more just wanted to pose for pics and wave to us. My mom lost her voice yelling at the kids and Andrew just rolled his eyes at my mom. My dad is used to her so he just took pics! Baylee enjoyed the toys next to the soocer field! Fun times! We need to work with the girl! But she was the cutest thing on the field!

Posing for the camera! Isn't she amazing. She can pose and play soocer at the same time! That's my girl!
Coach Stacy telling the kids, "We run this way!"
Baylee enjoying the toys!
That is as far as she is going to go up! She is our cautious one!
Where is Baylee?

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