Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter! I am a little late I know!

So our Easter festivities started on the Thursday before Easter. We decided to dye Easter eggs that night! I think my mom and Andrew got more into it then the kids but we all had a good time. You always start out thinking you have plenty of eggs and they always go so fast. Baylee was all about doing it herself, Brooklyn wanted to write on each of them herself and Jaxsen just loved to plop the eggs in the coloring!

Jax giving us his best wave!
Baylee, Andrew and Brooklyn! Like I said Andrew had lots of fun!
Mom over seeing all the work!
Our finished product!

On Saturday we had our annual Easter egg hunt. We usually do it out side but woke up with snow on the ground and the wind blowing like crazy! So we had to improvise and do it inside. The kids still had a lot of fun!
The hunters!
Baylee hunting for her eggs!
Jax and dad going at it!
I found one!
Our most experienced hunter!
You'd think we were making them hunt for eggs! Cheer up gals!
Enjoying their hard work!

After the hunt we decided to head up to Rexburg to celebrate Easter with Andrew's parents. My mom made the comment why are we spending the holidays with them. I looked at her with a bewildered look like "Are you kidding me! We live with you!" My dad had the same thought. On our way up we picked up Drew. By the time we got to Rexburg you would have thought we were coming for Christmas not Easter. They had a TON of snow. The next morning the kids woke up to their Easter baskets and new Easter clothes. I always got an new Easter dress, so I am carring on the tradition. Since it was conference weekend, they had to wait until this Sunday to wear them! Later on that day Drew found Jax, he had found his GIANT chocolate Easter egg and was quite enjoying it.
See the mess he made!


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