Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andrew's 5th appendage!

I have never seen a kid that loves his dad more than this little guy! If you don't know where this pic is taken at our house, I'll give you two guesses. Take a look at the object above Andrew's head. Yep it is in the bathroom on the toilet. Jaxsen will bawl his eyes out until Andrew pics him up and then he is as content as can be! Andrew asked me why Jaxsen is like this. I said "You always wanted a little guy that wanted to be your best buddy, do everything with you, be just like you! Well you got it!" Andrew's reply was "Ya, but I didn't want another appendage." Andrew cooks with Jaxsen, reads with Jaxsen. If Jaxs was a little older he would probably be going to work with Andrew. Andrew always jokes that he is going to have to home school the kid, because he is going to have a nervous break down when he goes to school. Just a side note Andrew was the same way with his dad growing up! I think it is hilarious!

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