Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A fun night out!

A couple of weeks ago we got invited to Jarvis and Kortney's wedding reception. We met Jarvis when we lived in American Falls. His dad is was our bishop and still is our business partner. Jarvis is such a neat guy and Kortney is so cute! Their reception was adorable. They had it at a restaurant in Blackfoot. After we went through the line Brooklyn saw that they had face painting. She had to jump in line for that! After she got her face painted, Baylee and Jaxsen realized they need their faces painted. How neat is that to have a person their to paint faces. Well I didn't get any pictures of the cute couple but got a few cute ones of my adorable kids!
 Brooklyn and her kitty cat
 Jaxsen's DRAGON.
And Miss Bay's unicorn.

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