Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Our annual tradition for Christmas Eve is to head up to Val and Mike's house have pigs in a blanket, potato salad, jello jigglers, chips, sprite with Christmas shaped kool-aid ice cubes, relish platter, and triffle.
After dinner we always play a few games made up by the fam. Mike this year made up a Christmas Bingo game. But went a step further and had one for the kids and one for the adults. My kids just love looking for the pictures. Baylee especially took it quite serious.
Then it is time for the annual "Nativity". Drew was Joseph, Brooklyn was the inn keeper, Baylee and Jax with shepherds (I think).
Last but not least is opening up the traditional "JAMMIE GIFT." Which the little kids absolutely love. I got the younger ones slippers to go with their jammies. Drew told me he wouldn't ever use them so not to worry.
 The kids table!
 Brooklyn also lost a tooth that night. It was quite the fiasco to get it out that her Papa thought she deserved $5 dollars for all her pain and suffering.
 Joseph a.k.a. Drewbster
 The inn keeper a.k.a. The big B!
 Grandma enjoying the festivities!
 Brooklyn so professionally giving her lines! Future actress here!
 The shepherd a.k.a moody pooper jean! Baylee had no desire to cooperate!
 The other shepherd a.k.a. Big Bubba! Just chillin'!
 Baylee opening up her jammies!
 Brooklyn and her jammies! Grandma decided to rejoin the party!
 Big Bubba giving us his serious look in his new BUZZ jammies!
 The shirt part of Drew's jammies!
 The Z-Man in his reindeer jammies!
 The whole "JAMMIE" clan. Only picture I got that was clear, to bad only Nattie was looking at the camera!
 The original 6!

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