Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a busy one and unfortunately I didn't get many photos. One I am so sad I didn't get was the little trick we played on Drew. Drew was for sure that he was getting this really nice remote control car. Andrew and I did our best to convince the 12 year old that it was coming. So Andrew and Santa's idea was to take the car out of the box, hide it and then wrap up a little tiny car inside this huge box. Usually Santa lays out their big gifts but we all decided to pull a quick one on him. As Drew open the big box his eyes lit up. Andrew told him to open the box. As he pulled out the little car you could see the disappointment wash over his face. But in true Drew style, he says "That's OK, this is cool." Then we had Brooklyn go over to the closet and pull out his car. Drew jumped from the couch and in about 2 steps was to his dad in a huge hug! He was trilled!
 The kids coming out Christmas morning
Jaxsen devouring a doughnut. The kid has a thing for doughnuts.
The rest of the day was busy going to my family's house to quickly open gifts and the hurry up to the Mortensen's house for dinner.
We were very blessed this year. To be celebrate the birth of our Savior. To be able to provide a good Christmas for our family in our own home was the biggest blessing for Andrew and I.

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