Thursday, December 9, 2010


Jaxsen has been sick a lot over this past year so finally we decided that those tonsils and adenoids had to be removed. The doc said they were pretty bad! It was the best thing we ever did for Brooklyn, but had a horrible experience going through it. So I was very cautious about going through it with Jax considering he is about a year younger they Brooklyn was. We decided to go to EIRMC this time and boy am I glad we did. They were great! They gave Jax some medicine before the surgery to make him calm. They said it would make him "DRUNK" and boy did it. I wish I would have gotten pics of him at that point. HILARIOUS!! After surgery they brought him up to pediatric floor to recover. We were there until about 4:30. Jaxsen did exceptionally well! I was so surprised. He ate, drank a sippie and wanted to be pulled round and round the pediatric floor about a hundred times!
 If looks could kill I WOULD BE DEAD!!

 Both right after surgery! Doesn't he look precious!

 Dad had to feed him his Popsicle. He would just stick his tongue out to lick and dad did all the work.
 Going round and round the pediatric floor.
Every time we would go by the nurse's station he would show his nurse his arm. Only real men wear pink!!
Being home you really can't tell he had them out other then if we wait too long to give him his pain medicine he gets a little grouchy. Other then that he is one tough cookie.

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  1. Way to go Jax! What a trooper. Poor little guy...