Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Give unto others

Brooklyn just amazes me some days. I feel like I am really hard on her and expect so much from her because she is my oldest. She is the type that will just eat up compliments and loves to please others. Yesterday before I had to head to work we stopped by Smiths to grab milk. As I pulled up we saw the man out ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. I said the kids that we needed to gather change to put in the bucket. As we got the front of the store each of the kids put their money in even Jaxs. As we were walking through the store I noticed a quarter fall out of Brooklyn's pocket. I asked her where she got it and she looked down and said that she didn't want to give all the money to the bucket. I explained to her that some little kids won't have a Christmas because their parents don't have enough money. I asked how she would feel if she didn't have any Christmas. She said that it would make her sad. I told that giving even a little money helps others. I asked who else she knew that like to give service. I thought I would have to coax her with the answer but she surprised me again by saying JESUS. Do you know how that made feel. She is listening to her primary teacher and us when we try to have family home evening. Maybe I am doing something right???

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  1. That's a precious moment. I'm sure you're doing LOTS of stuff right. Thanks for sharing.