Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family pics 2010

I have put off and put off family pics until I lost some weight but now I have so much to lose it could be years before we get Family pics and I bit the bullet and got them done. Don't I have a cute family!

Like I said Cute KIDS!!!! Adorable husband and one CHUBBY MOMMY!


  1. I love all the updates. Your kiddos are so cute! Your family pictures turned out awesome and you look beautiful! Someday we'll lose weight together :) I can't believe how big Jaxson is!

  2. Super cute family pics! I can't believe how big your kids are! Sounds like you are all doing well.

  3. LOVE these new family pictures!!!! You've got such a gorgeous family and I can't believe how big they are all getting! It's so nice to see what you guys have been up to.