Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brooklyn is 5! Where did the time go?

Where has the time gone? My oldest is FIVE! Brooklyn has turned it to such a young lady. She is such a good helper to me and will do pretty much what ever I ask. I could do things with her! Brooklyn loves to look beautiful and especially loves when you comment how pretty she looks. She always makes sure you give her a kiss and a hug before you head out the door. Brooklyn loves dresses and to dance. She is a wonderful big sister. Baylee just looks up to her and they play so well together. Brooklyn is so exctied to head to Kindergarten. Honestly all I can say is where has the time gone.
The night before Andrew and I stayed up blew up balloons to fill their room. Brooklyn was so astonished the next morning!
Brooklyn and her favorite people in there world. Jill, Easton and Zoie.
Zander man taking over the presents.
Papa and Brooklyn on their Birthday. 
Krisanne came over early and decorated this adorable cake for Brooklyn. So cute! Brooklyn loved it!

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