Friday, August 14, 2009

My DUI experience!

NO NO I didn't get a DUI but I got pulled over and they thought I was! So today I was on my way to go get Drew in Shelley. In the car with me was Jaxsen and Zander. Zander slept so peacefully all the way up and back! Oh but not his cousin! Jaxsen decided to scream his little chops off!! So after the hundredth time of putting his binkie back in his mouth (he was behind the passenger seat) and the wind blowing a 150 miles and hour apparently someone called into ISP reporting that I was driving erratically. I only crossed over the solid white line maybe twice and just for a second. So parked on the side of the road was me doing the drunk driver test! HOW HUMILIATING! They made me do the eye test and asked me the last time I drank (Oh about 7 years ago! My hellion days! POOR PARENTS) Well just so you know I passed and next time Jaxsen can scream till his chops come off!! Great times!

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  1. thats amazing! go girl, i once was jailed for a fix it ticket once...good times:)