Saturday, August 22, 2009

Middle school!

Drew is in middle school now! HOLY COW! I talked to his mom tonight and his first day was yesterday and he said he loved it! They have lockers, change classes and this is the best- you get to chew gum in class! Oh the joys of a 11 year old! I can't believe Drew is in middle school! The boy is growing so fast! He is as tall as me and is about 140 lbs! He is a big kid just like his dad! He is playing tackle football right now and was told that he has to drop a few pounds in order to play on defense. We don't want to hurt anyone! He was so good this last weekend about watching what he ate and even going on a walk to burn a few calories! In the words of my grandma- WHAT A FINE YOUNG MAN! I couldn't agree more!

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