Friday, September 12, 2008

The star football player!

Drew has waited 3 years to finally play tackle football and boy does he have fun with it. And I have to admit it is quite intense! A whole lot different from flag football. These guys are serious!! It is war! Drew plays on the line on both offense and defense and kick-off and loves every minute of it. You can always here him out there pumping his teammates up!! It is hilarious. We love watching it!! Side note- if you notice the guy to the left of Drew with the white shirt on, well before cropping of the pictures was done there was a lovely shot of the guys bum crack!! CUTE GUY, find a longer shirt.

1 comment:

  1. Tackle football scares me! But I have been informed that my boy will be a football player - like his dad. I hope Drew does well this season.

    I am so glad that my "detective" found you. Now I can keep track of you since I never get to talk to you at church any more. I am also glad that you are doing better. Hang in there!