Thursday, September 11, 2008

Daddy's Babysitting!! READ ON!!

So I came home tonight from my first Scentsy party which I will mention was a huge success!! Anyways I come home everything looked normal. Until I looked closer!! My bedroom door was closed, which I thought was odd- upon opening I found Baylee in a diaper only in bed side ways with her feet up on dad asleep, Brooklyn asleep next to dad. And dad asleep! Upon looking more I found Yagger the great dane locked in Baylee's room (which is so a no no!!) More looking I found a toilet cleaner brush in the toilet in my bathroom, was dad making the children do labor or work for food. But at least he was willing to babysit or I guess you don't babysit your own children but again he was willing and for that I will say it was quite fun to come home to.
I would post pics but Andrew is not in the right clothing for pics to be posted!! FUN FUN!!

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