Monday, July 14, 2008

Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Brooklyn's 3rd and my dads 50th birthday out at the house. Brooklyn from previous posts is all in to princesses so her birthday was pretty much based around it!! We had a barbacue and cake and ice cream and presents.
Brooklyn and her papa and their cakes.Brooklyn, Kirsten and Jill and her princess presents.


  1. All this fun stuff to blog about! You sure have been BUSY!!! Cami told me about Brooklyn's hair. So sad...all those beautiful curls! I guess every kid has to go through that...girls do anyway! :) All the other events look like a lot of fun! Congrats again on the next baby!

  2. Happy Birthday Princess! Looks like you had a great one.

  3. Hey Court! The party was way fun! Hope everything's goin great! : )

    Dude - check out my new blog!

  4. Brooklyn is so cute...well all your kids are! looks like she had and awesome birthday. did you make that cake? cause if you did, you are amazing!!!

    p.s. oh and im totally loving the baby bikini!!!

  5. A princess just like her Mommy! Very cute, Court. It was great seeing you!!