Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy fathers day to my dad, Paul and most of all my wonderful Husband! I am so thankful to have three great men in my life.

For my hubby, I am thankful you are such a good dad to our kids! We can definatly tell when you are gone! Your kids miss you oh so much!! Brooklyn is such a daddy's girl that she just lights up when you are around, then attacks!! I am so thankful you are such a hard worker and are willing to help others in a time of need. And that you will work yourself to death to provide for your family. But most of all I am glad you put up with me, and are willing to do what it takes to make me happy!! I am truly a lucky person!!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!

To my dad I am thankful for the many lessons you have taught me. For the many blessings you have gave me, I always felt better knowing you were so inspired!! I am thankful for the hard worker you are and that you lead our family so wonderfully!! If anyone could help replace papa it was you!! I love that you love Disney and that you are just about as excited to go as Brooklyn is. I love that you just adore my girls and that they are the light in your eye. I love that I have always and will always be a daddy's girl. I love that you call me almost everyday just to chat!! Most of all I love you!!

And to my wonderful father in law Paul, who will probably never read this but I will write anyways, I am thankful for the way you raised such a wonderful son and taught him to work hard. I love your facination with DI and that great treasures you have found for us!! I love that you are willing to take us all camping and then feed us the best food until we want to puke!! I love the great example you are to all of us and the way you would do anything for us. I love the way you love my children!! I am so thankful to you!! LOVE YA!!

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  1. Courtney! It has been forever since I've seen or talked to you. Orrin (my husband) and I are living in Boise. We like it here. We're both working and just having fun with it being the two of us. Your family is beautiful. Your girls really are adorable. Our photographer for family pictures was Journey Photography. She doesn't advertise because she tries to keep business small but did an amazing job. I couldn't have asked for anything better.