Friday, May 28, 2010

Kingergarten here we come!!

Brooklyn had her pre-school program on Monday! My little lady is all done with preschool and on to kindergarten! HOLY CRAP! Where does the time go? Her preschool class sang a bunch of songs that they have learned through the year and then each got a certificate for completing preschool.

Some of the things that Brooklyn has learned in preschool is.....
  • She know how to spell and write her name.
  • Is great at telling me what rhymes with what.
  • Has learned how to use scissors! YIKES!
  • Is so much better at coloring.
  • Is recognizing different letters (Still working on getting all the letters down before she starts kindergarten.)
Things Brooklyn did and loved about preschool.....

Going to the fire station
Dressing up for Halloween
Going to the Fort Hall Replica
Celebrating Thanksgiving
Made milk
  • Liked to play
  • Liked the snacks
  • Liked to sing the Thank You song.
  • Loved her friends Nathan, Rastlin Brock and Brogen. Notice they are all boys. Should we be worried.
Thank you so much Mrs. Kathy for all your help and hard work this year! 

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