Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baylee turns two!

Baylee and mommy with cookie monster cake

Opening presents with everyone around
(Glad grandma and grandpa Mortensen were there!)

Baylee with her baby stroller. She didn't want to go to bed she was having to much fun!
Brooklyn got some new boots from Grandma Mortensen. She was having a hard time that Baylee got presents and people took pictures of her and not Brooklyn. Oh my little drama QUEEN! Always thinks she needs to be front and center!

Baylee turned two yesterday! She is growing up so fast. Just in the last two weeks she has really expanded her vocabulary! She is trying to say anything and everything! I took her for her two year appointment and she is 27lb (50%), 34in (50%) and a 100% head circumfirance. She is my tiny lady with a big noggin! That's ok more room for all those brains! She is such a smart little girl, she amazes me!
For her birthday she wanted babies! Lots of babies. And that is what she got. At first she wasn't sure what was going on but caught on pretty quickly! We made her a cookie monster cake. She loves Seasme Street. And I love the way she says cookie (cooo-keee). We were so glad for all those who were able to come!


  1. What a cute birthday girl! Great job on the cake, it turned out awesome!

  2. Hey Courntey! I can't believe how fast your kids are growing up. I wanted to let you know where I got Tandi's headbands. It's a store in Salt Lake called Forever 21. They are way cheap and soooo cute! The store is in the gateway mall strip.