Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Today we had big plans for things to do today and not much panned out- OH WELL. We did have a good day relaxing and getting ready for Halloween. This year Drew was at his mom's house :( so the first pic is from our ward party which Drew got to go to with us! He was a gangster, and pretty cool one too!
We were able to go down three streets and trick or treat. Andrew and Kendra brought their little niece Cheyanne over and took her with us. I think the kids got a lot of candy and had so much fun! Brooklyn after each house kept saying "Can we go to just one more house" like she was afraid we were going to stop. Hope everyone had a good Halloween!
Happy Halloween
Love these two!

Elphaba (from Wicked)
The prettiest witch I have ever seen!
Miss Kitty Kitty
Jaxsen getting so rest before trick or treating
Cute girls!
Love these two!

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