Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some pics of JAXSEN

My cute little man!
Daddy and Jax hanging out!
Baylee and her brother. She loves to kiss him!

The Boys chillin! Sleepy boy!

I have been saying I was going to post pics of my little guy- so here is a few! Keep in mind I am not great at taking pics! He is growing like a weed! On March 2nd he had an appointment his weight was 9 lb 4 oz, on March 5th I had to take him in for PKU test and he was 9 lb 8 oz. Then on March 9th Baylee had an appointment and I had him weighed and he was 9lb 11 oz! He is a tank!


  1. Yeah, I'd call him a tank too! Why did they let you go so long? Did they not think that he would be that big? Wow, maybe you are glad for the cesarian?

  2. He is soooo sweet! That's good he's growing, Adynne is losing weight! How's Baylee doing with him?

  3. What a sweetie! Looks like Dad is enjoying him.

  4. He is sooo sweet! I can hardly wait for mine to get here.

  5. wow you guys have beautyfull babies girl!! congrats:)i so want a little boy someday

  6. Hey Courtney! I would love to get together, this week is actually my spring break so I am pretty free if you have sometime. I don't have your number anymore, I don't know if you have mine, if not you can email me @ and we can swap numbers. :)