Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brooklyn's Dance Recital

Brooklyn had her first dance recital on Saturday. I wasn't sure how things were going to go that night because when I took her to the practice that morning, she wanted nothing to do with getting on stage. But later that night as we were getting ready she was so excited. She even told me "I am going to dance really good." She was so cute! At one point in her first dance they were to all do a summer sault. The girl in front of Brooklyn couldn't quite make it over so Brooklyn gave her a little push on the tush. Everyone laughed! It was great. After it was all over Brooklyn wasn't ready to be done. She could have done 10 more dances. Big change from that morning.


  1. She is adorable. She seems like she has got such a cute personality! Your Florida pictures make me super jealous, although I don't know how you did all of that walking without being in MAJOR pain. I can barely get off my butt without a bunch of grunting and moaning.

  2. I know our husbands cry that we're cruel to make them sit through those performances, but I remember loving them as a little girl! I still hope one of my daughters will want to dance like Brooklyn.