Saturday, October 25, 2008

ISU Parade

Brooklyn got to be in the ISU parade last Saturday. She was some what excited for it but thought she need to wear her Belle costume because the last parade she was in she saw her cousin Jill in a Belle costume. I had to keep explaining to her that you get to wear your new dance outfit. When dad dropped her off at the parade she wasn't going to go. Then not to mention the parade lasted two hours! By the time we saw her she wasn't happy! Take a look-
I got three different pic and they're about all the same. Baylee on the other had quite enjoyed the parade because she had free reign of the candy without the older sis taking everything away!

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  1. That's just about exactly what Brooklyn looked like when she passed by us in the parade! :) HAHA! She was pretty cute though. We tried to get her attention but there was WAY too much going on! It would've been fun to see ya'll but I was only up there for such a short time! :) I'm glad you and the baby boy are doing well...cute pumpkins too!