Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun times at Grandma's!

Saturday Drew wanted to spend the night at Shaun's. His mom says that Drew thinks of Shaun as his idol. You have a lot to live up to Shaun. Anways one of there favorite things to do is football. We saw great improvment in Drew football skills last fall because of all the practicing they do. Shaun loves it that he can have someone younger then him to tell what to do.

Brooklyn and Baylee love going to grandma and papas house. Probably of all the spoiling that goes on. But isn't that what grandparents are supposed to do. My favorite place in the world was being at my grandparents house and I cried everytime I had to go home.

I finally found an outfit for Baylee's cute bow. There are three things I love in life other than my family and that is dressing up my girls, clothes and shoes! Check out Baylee's sweet new shoes!

Brooklyn being a peacock

Daddy and his peanut.

Mommy and her princess.

Sibling Love. Look at the determination of Drew's face and how Brooklyn could care less. By the way those feathers are Brooklyn's pride and joy when she goes to grandma and papa's house!

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